How to Play

Game Lobby

1. When you start a game, you will enter into a waiting area -- first two players to enter will become the debaters -- the players to follow will be the jury members (Please note: there MUST be odd number of jury members, even number of jury members will result in the last player to join becoming one of the spectators and will automatically join the next game once another jury member joins. Spectators can only join the game once the current game has ended and the game resets to the waiting area).

2. When the countdown in the waiting area ends, the game will officially begin.

3. At this time, every participant of the game in session will decide on the following two options for the upcoming match: a) number of rounds (1, 2, or 3) and b) amount of time given to the two debaters to form their statement.

4. Once complete, the next step will be for the first jury member who joined the game to enter a question for the two debaters to answer. If a question is not entered during this time, a question will automatically be chosen from Great Debater's pool of questions.

5. Next, Debater A will respond to the question in the amount of time allocated (chosen by the participants). Followed by a 45 second pause for everyone to read Debater A's response. Next, Debater B will respond to the question in the amount of time allocated.

6. Steps 4 & 5 will be repeated for multiple round matches.

7. After both debaters have responded and all rounds are complete, the jury will have 1 minute to read the responses. After this, the Jury Members will have to decide on the debater that had the most comprehensive, well-formed argument/response to the question. The debater with most votes from the jury members will be chosen as the winner of the match!

Stand Proud! It is a great honor to join the ranks of debaters of various class from across the world. We welcome you to our Kingdom with open arms. This is your chance to develop, strengthen, and excel at the art of debating. We wish you all the best in your pursuit to become a Great Debater!